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Jordan Hatch

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Post image for Webinar: Turn Facebook & Infusionsoft into a Lead Generation Machine
Webinar: Turn Facebook & Infusionsoft into a Lead Generation Machine

Recently, Facebook introduced major changes to the layout and functionality of Facebook Pages as they migrated to Timeline. One of the most common pains I hear from small business owners is the inability to set a default landing tab among other changes to the layout of Facebook Pages. I have an upcoming webinar that will show you how to generate leads with your Facebook Page with the new Facebook Page Tabs. (more…)

Post image for 5 Resources to Help You with the Spring 2012 Release
5 Resources to Help You with the Spring 2012 Release

I can honestly say that I’ve never been more excited for a new version of Infusionsoft than I am for this latest release. The Spring 2012 Release brings with it an amazing arsenal of weapons for small businesses to mobilize and use to strategically attack their target market. The Infusionsoft Training Team has delivered many new resources to help you succeed with the new release. (more…)

Post image for Two Ways to Triple Your Open Rates
Two Ways to Triple Your Open Rates

For the past couple of months, I’ve dug around in the data regarding Infusionsoft’s email performance. Infusionsoft sends nearly 60 million emails on behalf of our clients every week with an average deliverability rate of 99.5%. I’ve been looking at open rates, click through rates, spam complaint rates, and more to uncover trends that we can share with everyone.

In this post, I’ll share examples in email performance between two businesses in the same industry. They have two unique styles of following up with their leads along with two very different results. (more…)

Post image for Uncovering The Open Rate Myth
Uncovering The Open Rate Myth

You are using your email open rates the wrong way. That’s right, I said it – you are doing it wrong.

Most small businesses use the email open rate as their only metric to gauge the success (or failure) of their email campaign. Five years ago, that would have been okay, but these days it doesn’t quite work that way. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t be using open rates the way you are – and what you can do to use open rates correctly as a tool to improve your campaign results. (more…)

Helpful Infusionsoft Mastermind Webinars

Helpful Infusionsoft Mastermind WebinarsEvery Thursday I host a weekly webinar known as Mastermind Webinars. It’s free and available to all Infusionsoft customers. As I was planning the topics for the next couple of weeks, I was a little bit stumped as to what to talk about. I looked at the topics that I have covered over the last year and realized that we’ve covered a lot of territory on the calls. The topic I chose last week was a little more personal than you might expect. (more…)