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Post image for Save Summer from Your Small Business: Pre-Planning and Picking the Right Spot

When summer comes to town and the bathing suits come out, a polarizing effect settles over many small businesses. For some, profits sink with the setting sun and they enter a dangerous slump in sales. For others, seasonal demand spikes and their business’ demands hit an annual high. Even if your business tempo is fairly…


Post image for International Expansion Will Break Down Borders for Existing and Future Infusionsoft Customers

Doing business on a global scale is no longer an elite achievement reserved only for multi-national, corporate companies. Expansion that used to take hundreds of employees and dozens of offices to achieve now requires just one thing: a website. The smallest businesses can have customers on the other side of the world. The most conservative…


Post image for The Small Business Passion Panel at Infusionsoft

At Infusionsoft, we make it no secret that small business is at the core of everything we do. From how we design our product to how we conduct our annual conference, the one question we always ask ourselves is “How can we help small businesses succeed?” But this isn’t a question we toss out to…


Post image for Infusionsoft Rated Best Product for Small Businesses in Marketing Automation TrustMap™

In a recent guide from TrustRadius, Infusionsoft was rated “Best Product for Small Businesses in Marketing Automation TrustMap™.” The ranking was based on user ratings and marketing segment focus. According to the guide, the research was distilled from “400 in-depth reviews of Marketing Automation software products contributed by end-users to TrustRadius.”


Executive Open Door: PR for Small Businesses

by June Brockmeyer

Post image for Executive Open Door: PR for Small Businesses

Often times small business owners and entrepreneurs can’t hire a public relations (PR) team or outside agency to help run their efforts simply because they can’t afford it.


Why Guess When You Can Test?

by Melissa Rein

Post image for Why Guess When You Can Test?

How many hours have you sat, staring at your computer screen asking yourself, “How can I fix my website to bring more of the leads I need to feed my business?” You may ask yourself if you’re projecting the correct image to prospective customers or if your copy and call-to-action are compelling enough. You might…


Revenue Conduit Wins 2014 Battle of the Apps Competition

by Joseph Manna

Post image for Revenue Conduit Wins 2014 Battle of the Apps Competition

It was quite a battle between finalists, but don’t worry, there weren’t any bruises or knockouts. At ICON14, we announced that e-commerce solution, Revenue Conduit, led by Daniel Kurt and Parag Jagdale, were voted by customers to win the Battle of the Apps Competition.


Success Secrets for Converting Sales

by matt.peterson

Post image for Success Secrets for Converting Sales

We’re about to hear from Michael Goodman. Michael has nearly forty years of experience in sales, marketing and entrepreneurship.  He’s worked with companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies like IKON and MicroAge to mid-size companies like ExecuTrain and Glynlyon. He also has experience with a number of entrepreneurial ventures, including his own business, Revenue Kinetics, LLC. His session will touch on the…


Post image for Stop Wasting Your Best Prospects: How to Nurture Your Leads So They Only Buy From You

If you are like most small business owners, did you know that you traditionally waste almost 90% of your hottest prospects? You don’t follow-up with them, they fall through the cracks, they buy from your competitors but, for the most part, they are completely forgotten. Come listen to this distinguished panel of experts as they…


Post image for Copywriting for Maximum Results: An Entrepreneur’s Crash Course for Non-Writers

Danny Iny is coming up next! He is the proud founder of Firepole Marketing, and also the co-author of the Amazon best-selling book Engagement from Scratch!, as well as The Naked Marketing Manifesto, and The Audience Business Masterclass. Danny’s session will cover how you can use copywriting to speak to people according to their understanding and according to where they are…