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5 Keys to a Great Small Business Marketing Strategy

by Greg Head

This post was originally published on Small Biz Trends on September 10, 2014 with the title “5 Keys to a Great Small Business Marketing Strategy.” What’s the difference between the confident entrepreneurs who lead growing businesses and owners who can’t get out of survival mode?  It all comes down to this:  All successful businesses have…


New Updates to our Marketplace

by Alyssa Sharp

As we prepare for fall and cooler weather in Arizona, we are proud to share some fruit of our summer labor: updates to our Marketplace and a new customer login screen. These updates make apps and services that are built to amplify the power of Infusionsoft easier for our customers to find. Check out the…

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Introducing New & Notable Apps on the Infusionsoft Marketplace

by Joseph Manna

Post image for Introducing New & Notable Apps on the Infusionsoft Marketplace

We are introducing a monthly series on our blog where you can learn about new integrations and solutions that are designed to integrate closely with the Infusionsoft app. The Marketplace houses nearly 150 apps that help you increase productivity and sales in your business. Since January, Infusionsoft has fielded incredible responses from third-party developers who…


Too often, research defines its respondents based on what they look like on paper – age, income, education level, gender – and uses those statistics to imply meaning to their behaviors. But in fact, people can look very similar with regard to demographics, and make their decisions based on dramatically different motivations. When it comes…


From three co-founders and a shared dream in 2001 to more than 550 employees today, Infusionsoft has always been, and will always be, centered on small business success. This laser-like focus has helped fuel a growing ecosystem of partners, developers, consultants, app integrations and more – all of which are innovating on ways to help…

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Post image for Save Summer from Your Small Business: Pre-Planning and Picking the Right Spot

When summer comes to town and the bathing suits come out, a polarizing effect settles over many small businesses. For some, profits sink with the setting sun and they enter a dangerous slump in sales. For others, seasonal demand spikes and their business’ demands hit an annual high. Even if your business tempo is fairly…


Post image for International Expansion Will Break Down Borders for Existing and Future Infusionsoft Customers

Doing business on a global scale is no longer an elite achievement reserved only for multi-national, corporate companies. Expansion that used to take hundreds of employees and dozens of offices to achieve now requires just one thing: a website. The smallest businesses can have customers on the other side of the world. The most conservative…


Post image for The Small Business Passion Panel at Infusionsoft

At Infusionsoft, we make it no secret that small business is at the core of everything we do. From how we design our product to how we conduct our annual conference, the one question we always ask ourselves is “How can we help small businesses succeed?” But this isn’t a question we toss out to…


Post image for Infusionsoft Rated Best Product for Small Businesses in Marketing Automation TrustMap™

In a recent guide from TrustRadius, Infusionsoft was rated “Best Product for Small Businesses in Marketing Automation TrustMap™.” The ranking was based on user ratings and marketing segment focus. According to the guide, the research was distilled from “400 in-depth reviews of Marketing Automation software products contributed by end-users to TrustRadius.”


Executive Open Door: PR for Small Businesses

by June Brockmeyer

Post image for Executive Open Door: PR for Small Businesses

Often times small business owners and entrepreneurs can’t hire a public relations (PR) team or outside agency to help run their efforts simply because they can’t afford it.