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2012 Ultimate Marketer Finalist: Iron Tribe Fitness

by Katie Healy

Post image for 2012 Ultimate Marketer Finalist: Iron Tribe Fitness

Our Ultimate Marketer contest has quickly become our most anticipated contest of the year. We had so many amazing submissions this year, the judging process took twice as long! We narrowed it down to four, and we will introduce you to them in this blog series. Let’s check out Forest Walden and Jim Cavale from Iron Tribe Fitness.

In 2010, Forrest Walden founded the first Iron Tribe Fitness location in the trendy Homewood community, just south of downtown Birmingham. Forrest’s passion for health and fitness fueled his desire to create a culture that would promote self-improvement both inside and out through gyms.

Iron Tribe Fitness Website And that’s exactly what has happened. With a 250-client cap, per location, Iron Tribe Fitness’ Homewood store sold 250 memberships in less than ten months time. Now with four different locations, Forrest along with Jim Cavale, VP of Operations and Franchise Development, are working on building a blueprint for franchisors who are looking to leverage software like Infusionsoft to help duplicate and scale their model to a level of worldwide capacity amongst all of their stores.

Cavale describes the efficiency seen in their business, “Infusionsoft has allowed us to scale our business model for the average operator to have the ability to run an Iron Tribe Fitness location, preserving our sales and marketing workflow to a degree that consistently brings in leads for our sales team to close.”

You will hear more of Iron Tribe Fitness’s story and tips at InfusionCon when they vie for the audience to award them the 2012 Ultimate Marketer title.

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