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Ultimate Marketer Finalists: The Faces of Sales and Marketing Success

by Nicole Shoots

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We are proud to announce the 2013 Ultimate Marketer Finalists. There were tons of great customer submissions demonstrating innovation with Infusionsoft to achieve colossal results. The three customers chosen have inspiring success stories, seen remarkable results and use Infusionsoft in ways that will help motivate and teach you how to further capitalize on your sales and marketing software.

Every year, many customers participate in our Ultimate Marketer Contest where they share their passion for small business, generously provide their strategies and help teach thousands of attendees at InfusionCon how they accomplished their goals using Infusionsoft.

Here are our three 2013 Infusionsoft Ultimate Marketer Finalists:

Andy Michaels and Gonz Medina of Blue Chip Athletic.

Andy Michaels

Blue Chip Athletic was started in 2001 by Gonz Medina and Jason Heslop, and is an online custom athletic apparel retailer. Jason met Gonz while coaching wrestling for Blue Valley North High School. This pair came to a meeting of the minds during the summer of 2001 when they discovered a challenge they both shared: getting quality custom apparel for their teams at a reasonable price.

They started out in Jason’s basement with no customers and nothing but a manual screen printing machine. They later found fellow coaches willing to give them a shot. With no marketing budget and no list of contacts, their only hope was to provide an outstanding customer experience and count on word of mouth referrals.

Today, more than ten years later, Blue Chip Athletic has more than 22,000 customers and $4.2 million in annual revenue. This is a great success story of an online store. With their unique lead generation strategy, their lead nurturing process and leveraging sales representatives, their end-to-end use of Infusionsoft is one of the many reasons we chose them as a finalist.

Casey Graham and Michael Lukaszewski of The Rocket Company.

Casey Graham

In 2008, Casey Graham started the company out of a passion to reach church leaders worldwide – to train, speak, coach, consult – all to help the church. With barely any money in the bank, a stay-at-home wife and a one year old daughter, he set out on a dream which almost failed. Desperate and in need of a miracle, he clicked on a link that led him to Infusionsoft. Now the company distributes profit sharing with employees and has started a non-profit organization to benefit children in the Dominican Republic.

Casey is a passionate supporter of Infusionsoft – and you’ll soon learn why. After using every feature of Infusionsoft and CustomerHub to deliver personalized content to their audience, they have been able to increase sales and more than quadruple their business in only two years through a variety of lead conversion tactics.

Dustin S. Burleson, D.D.S. of Burleson Orthodontics.  

Dustin Burleson

Dustin Burleson founded Burleson Orthodontics to be the place to straighten your child’s teeth without missing work or school. The business was started with one employee and zero patients in 2006 and has grown to over 7,500 active patients and 35 employees. Through this rapid growth, they have been able to live their vision of supporting the community, changing lives, and advancing the profession of orthodontics. Now Burleson Orthodontics is the largest provider of free orthodontic care to children who desperately need, but are unable to afford orthodontic care, through the Smiles Change Lives and Cleft Palate Foundation.

Burleson’s team utilized the 10 hours of implementation coaching by Infusionsoft and proceeded to spend the next two years intentionally testing each step of their follow-up sequence and client conversion process. After putting his kids to bed, Dustin would kiss his wife goodnight and work seven nights per week from 9 PM to 1 AM. This somewhat extreme effort has led to millions of dollars in revenue and more customers than he ever imagined.

Ultimate Marketer ‘Best in Class’ Awards

In addition, we had five different Best-in-Class categories. These customers showed great strength and originality in using Infusionsoft in the following categories:

Best-in-Class Lead Generation: Laura Roeder – LKR Social Media

Best-in-Class: Lead Nurture and Conversion: Heather Lemere – Salon Success Strategies

Best-in-Class Online Sales: Chris Brisson – Call Loop

Best-in-Class Customer Satisfaction: Yvonne Halling – Les Molyneux

Best-in-Class CustomerHub: Geoff Affleck – Enlightened Alliances

On behalf of the entire Infusionsoft team, we thank each and every person who applied for this contest. There were so many powerful stories; the selection process was not an easy task. Stay tuned for more information about the Ultimate Marketer finalists and make sure you don’t miss their live presentations at InfusionCon so you can cast your vote for who earns the title as the 2013 Ultimate Marketer.

If you haven’t registered for the sales and marketing conference yet, there’s still time to get your ticket before the early bird price is gone. Get yours today!

  • Jonathan Thompson

    I thoroughly enjoy this activity at InfusionCon. I think a lot of us do.

  • Yvonne Halling

    I am sooooooooo thrilled to have been chosen for the Best in Class Customer Satisfaction Award – congratulations to everyone here!!! Love and blessings :-)

    • RebeccaSprynczynatyk

      Congratulations, Yvonne! I’d love to visit your B&B one day. :-)


      Congratulations Yvonne, what an achievement! We’re delighted to see you’re being awarded the recognition you deserve – very best wishes, Charlotte and Chris Nightingale

  • Rishi Shah

    Huge fan of Laura Roeder! Congrats :)

  • Chris Brisson

    Woot woot! I’m pretty darn excited to be chosen as one of the lucky few. Was hoping to get the top position to become marketer of the year, but hey… this is still awesome!

    Thanks for putting on the contest and we’re humbled to have been chosen :)

    Thank you everyone at Infusionsoft

    • RebeccaSprynczynatyk

      Congratulations, Chris! Well deserved. :-)

      • Chris Brisson

        Thanks Rebecca :)

    • Jonathan Drake

      congrats! One of the best funnels I have ever seen

  • Cindy Halls Eagar

    Congratulations to all the finalists. Can’t wait to hear more of your story at InfusionCon.

  • Geoff Affleck

    I’m really excited to be named best in class for CustomerHub. CustomerHub and Infusionsoft have made it super easy for us to provide a customized membership site for our community.

  • mikeyweiss

    Congratulations to ALL OF YOU! As one of last years finalist….I know HOW MUCH work you all put into this process and you are ALL winners!!!!

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