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  • Chris Lee

    Congrats on the new branding! Will be fun to see it permeate through all the messaging. Looks nice & clean! Homepage with the new graphic looks great too!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Chris. We’re excited to express our positioning and culture – our brand – in an visual identity that really fits us. Glad you like it.

  • Stephen Hamilton

    Any chance of adding the Euro (€) symbol for your European customers?

    • Mail

      PLEASE! I am waiting for 1 year now for this!

      • Estefano d’Elano

        me too… :( 

  • Atilla Vekony

     It’s a great new logo. And it was smart to use a color that will stand out from among all the other “ordinary” colored logos.

  • April Neylan

    Great new look! Nice and fresh :)

  • Rabottka

    Nice new design! Today is a great day to get on hahaped and learn new things! I got so much out of this website. It made my day!

  • Ramon Ray

    Greg – congrats on the new logo – looks fresh and clean

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