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A Closer Look at Our Culture

by Joseph Manna

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Some of you have been curious about what goes on in our award-winning office in Chandler, Arizona. Well, wonder no more because we recently published a video capturing the essence of our company culture and values featuring employees that you know and love.

Every Infusionsoft employee has a very real connection to entrepreneurship. A calling that goes beyond a “job.” We recognize the importance of small businesses and we work hard to make life easier for small businesses around the world. We aren’t afraid to reap the rewards for unwavering, conscientious work. Much like you, we love to roll up our sleeves and get results.

Our leadership team knows the value of investing in our culture. It’s not just about the bottom-line. It’s about how we get there. It’s about the making our work mean something. It’s about giving Casey the opportunity to get listed on the Inc. 500. It’s about giving Janette the tools to double her client base. It’s about giving Jim the ability to take his passion for fitness and scaling it to over 30 franchises. There is value in our work and we know it and feel it everyday.

Watch the video titled, “The Culture of Infusionsoft” on YouTube or play it below:

These aren’t actors. Here are the employees featured in this video in order of appearance: Lauren Tassielo, Gabriella McManus, Evan Samurin, Candi Luciano, Justin Macdonald, Hal Halladay, Krista Chesley, Paul Sokol, Dave Sherman, Derek Solomon and Anita Grantham.

Do you love small businesses and enjoy helping thousands of entrepreneurs achieve their goals and succeed? If you like to put in the hard work to achieve great results, visit our Careers page and join us! Our culture isn’t just words– it’s what we seek out when hiring tomorrow’s employees.

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