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CustomerHub Integration with Infusionsoft Provides Maximum Automation

by Joseph Manna

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The membership site industry continues to be a hot arena both in and out of the Infusionsoft community. Responding to high customer demand and recognizing a great business opportunity in the space, Infusionsoft entered the membership site market by acquiring CustomerHub this last November.

The acquisition was an immediate sensation for CustomerHub and Infusionsoft users, and ever since then, people have been asking me how the move will impact CustomerHub from a product development standpoint. The two easy answers to that question are that it will result in faster development and even better Infusionsoft integration.

I’d like to focus the rest of my blog post talking about even better Infusionsoft integration. I say ‘even better’ intentionally here due to the fact that CustomerHub had established leadership status long before the acquisition in terms of providing the best Infusionsoft integration available in the market.

First, I want to share what the current CustomerHub-Infusionsoft integration entails and why it’s the best on the market. Second, I’d like to give you a sneak peak in terms of what’s coming down the pike that will improve our integration of the two products.

The CustomerHub-Infusionsoft integration, as it stands today, entails the following four functions:

  1. User Registration & Profile Sync – User registration is the process by which new user records are created and logins are generated for the end users of the membership site. The user registration process for CustomerHub works via a unique HTTP Post that is created in Infusionsoft. The HTTP Post can then be deployed via Infusionsoft shopping cart purchases, Web Form submissions, Automation Links, Note Templates and a variety of other areas throughout Infusionsoft. In simple terms, the HTTP Post sends the user’s information to CustomerHub which, through a series of logic checks, adds (or updates) a user record and generates a password. CustomerHub then syncs the user record to the appropriate Contact Record in Infusionsoft and sends the password over to Infusionsoft. In terms of administration, all of the user profile information (including password) can then be managed through both CustomerHub and Infusionsoft.
  2. Billing Sync – This functionality is unique amongst all Infusionsoft-integrated membership site products and provides a great deal of additional value to CustomerHub. The billing sync gathers credit card, subscription and invoice information from Infusionsoft and empowers end-users to both view and update that information. This includes the ability to view subscription status, invoices, credit cards, make payments, and manage billing information online through CustomerHub. In addition to offering added convenience for your end users, the billing sync will also save you (the account owner) valuable time, money and resources that would otherwise be required to handle billing inquiries and keep customer information current. In fact, this is such a valuable use-case that many companies use CustomerHub for this function alone despite not having a membership-based business.
  3. Permissions Sync – The permissions sync allows you to assign permissions to CustomerHub content based on the existence of Infusionsoft tags and/or the status of Infusionsoft subscriptions. For example, you can create a page in CustomerHub that is restricted to users who have an active ‘Gold Membership’ subscription in Infusionsoft. Alternatively, you can create a Tag in Infusionsoft called ‘Gold members’ and restrict access to a page based on the existence of that Tag on a user’s Infusionsoft contact record. Generally speaking, I recommend using subscriptions for membership programs and using tags for adding additional layers of permissions such as content teasers, special offers, and so forth. This way, you can grant or restrict full membership access simply by toggling the status of the Infusionsoft subscription between active and inactive. Additionally, you can set up Order Triggers in Infusionsoft that will change the subscription status based on successful or unsuccessful subscription payments, thereby automating the administration of a user’s membership status.
  4. Action Links – An action link is an object in CustomerHub that allows you to run Infusionsoft Action Sets when clicked, and they are generally embedded behind hyperlinks, images, or buttons. There are literally hundreds of applications for action links but among the most common uses are for unlocking content, deploying self-paced content, tracking critical membership activities, and selling items via one-click upsells. Your imagination is the only limit to what you can do with a CustomerHub Action Link.

In a world where automation is king, these four functions combine to make CustomerHub superior when compared with any other membership product available today. Not only does CustomerHub offer the tightest Infusionsoft integration, but it also provides all of the above functionality straight out of the box, whereas other products require tedious and sometimes extremely technical setup processes.

Now let’s shift gears and talk about what the future holds for CustomerHub.

We’ve spent a better part of the last six months integrating the operational aspects of CustomerHub and Infusionsoft. I’m proud to say that this effort has been successful on all counts, and now that we’ve got the internal stuff behind us we’re greatly looking forward to getting back to product development. Not surprisingly, many of our initial feature enhancements will be focused on further improving the integration between CustomerHub and Infusionsoft. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s on the horizon in this regard:

  1. Single Sign-On – Many Infusionsoft users own multiple instances of both Infusionsoft and CustomerHub. Soon, you will be able to login to any of your applications using a central Infusionsoft account login! Additionally, once you’re logged into any of your applications you’ll be able to easily toggle back and forth between any of your apps using a simple toggle menu at the top of each application. Some Infusionsoft users have up to 10 or more applications when considering both Infusionsoft and CustomerHub instances. Kiss your multiple logins goodbye!
  2. Enhanced Subscription Management – We’ll be further enhancing subscription management inside CustomerHub. The result will be easier setup and more automation as it relates to handling of subscription upgrades, downgrades, cancellations, and re-activations, as well as more elegant handling of subscription billing. Right now, it’s possible to set up most of this functionality via Action Links but it can get very complex – especially when dealing with multiple subscriptions.
  3. Greater Product Consistency – Infusionsoft and CustomerHub will begin sharing design elements in order to create a consistent user experience. As sister products, CustomerHub and Infusionsoft will also benefit from synergies created by overlapping technologies and shared product development methodologies.

Of course, these enhancements are only the beginning of many more to come that will further capitalize on the converging product relationships between Infusionsoft and CustomerHub.

I’m extremely excited for the future of CustomerHub as a part of the Infusionsoft product suite and equally thrilled for our users to begin experiencing the benefits that will soon make their way into the product! Check out the new website at and see what’s under the hood of CustomerHub. When you’re ready to upgrade the way you run your membership site, it’s easy to get started.

  • Cheryl Hunt

    As a certified consultant with Infusionsoft, I couldn’t effectively run
    our business without Customer Hub. Literally within minutes (while on
    the phone with a client) I can create a manual order of any amount, set
    up a personal account for them in our Customer Hub, and shoot them an
    email with an auto-login link right to their payment portal. 5 minutes
    later, we get an email notification from Customer Hub that the customer
    has paid their balance. Where else can you do that?Thanks, Kyle!

  • Aurelia

    I am looking for someone who has experience with
    customers view status of projects via web interface with InfusionSoft
    I don’t know if CustomerHub is something that will do that for me or not.

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