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Infusionsoft Acquires Social Media Marketing Company GroSocial

by Clate Mask

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Today is a big day for Infusionsoft and our small business customers. I’m thrilled to announce that we have acquired GroSocial, a social media marketing software company. You can read the press release announcing the deal and you can sign up for the webinar where we’ll demo the two products together.

As the sales and marketing system for small businesses, Infusionsoft helps you grow sales and save time. With the addition of GroSocial, Infusionsoft customers will now have the ability to generate significantly more leads using social media. As a business owner, you need to employ the most effective means to generate leads. We believe the GroSocial product will enable you to generate more leads that you can use Infusionsoft to nurture and close.

Getting ROI from Social

Every day, we ask ourselves what we can do to help small businesses succeed. In sales and marketing for small business, social media has big potential. In fact, small businesses are social — you’re just not sure how to use it effectively to grow your business and show results.

Social media lead generation is what you have told us you want: 82% of Infusionsoft customers are active on social networks. It’s about going to where your customers hang out. Plus, you want to leverage word-of-mouth referrals, make a good impression and connect with customers via social channels.GroSocial delivers this in spades, and now even more powerfully through a tight integration with Infusionsoft.

With over 30,000 users worldwide, GroSocial is the tool of choice for thousands of small businesses who want to generate leads through social media.

An Awesome Product and Team

This acquisition brings tremendous social media expertise and talent to our rapidly growing team, allowing us to further expand upon Infusionsoft’s all-in-one sales and marketing software for small businesses.

GroSocial founders, Zach Mangum, Kevin Kirkland and Chris Wright have built a terrific team and product. The addition of GroSocial to the Infusionsoft family meets a demand in our customer base and in the small business market for a practical social media tool that generates leads. Leads generated through GroSocial can seamlessly flow into Infusionsoft, so you can get to work converting them into customers.

Among social media software companies, we found GroSocial to have the most innovative product functionality designed for true small businesses. We also found the GroSocial team shares our passion to help small businesses succeed. We couldn’t have found a better strategic and cultural fit than the GroSocial team.

The Infusionsoft & GroSocial Team: Zach Mangum, Kevin Kirkland, Clate Mask and Chris Wright.

The Infusionsoft & GroSocial Team: Zach Mangum, Kevin Kirkland, Clate Mask and Chris Wright.

What’s next?

Today’s announcement is a milestone in the continued evolution of small business sales and marketing.

The GroSocial team will operate as a business unit of Infusionsoft in Orem, Utah, focused exclusively on social media product development. The GroSocial brand will continue, joining the Infusionsoft family of products. I want to welcome the GroSocial team to the Infusionsoft family. We look forward to working with GroSocial to deliver new innovations and help drive your business by adding the power of social media to all-in-one sales and marketing for small businesses.

To learn more about how to leverage GroSocial and Infusionsoft in growing your sales and using social media more effectively to drive results, register here for our education webinar on Friday, January 25 or get a free trial of GroSocial.

We’re incredibly excited for the future and what it means to be an entrepreneur in the growing Infusionsoft community.

Watch on YouTube: Social Media Lead Generation with GroSocial by Infusionsoft

  • SalesExpert

    Fantastic news. Looking forward to these 2 great products integrated together

  • Helen

    This looks great! Keep up the good work. Thank you.

  • The Sales Whisperer®

    I’m thrilled to be an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant and can’t wait for the webinar. What a great partnership.

  • SteveP

    this is exciting!

  • Wayne D Kinzel II

    Congrats! Seems like an awesome new partnership. Can’t wait to see where this takes the Infusionsoft!

  • Steve Fitzpatrick

    This is awesome! I’m hanging out for infusioncon 2013 – bring it on!

  • Sixth Division

    On Fire!!!

  • Jarrod Morris

    Can’t wait to see the webinar!

  • Andy Britnell

    Perfect addition to the Infusionsoft offer. Social media is an important marketing channel for our business so this is exciting news

  • Simon Hedley

    Great work on growing Clate, great to see the hard work paying off and you taking the long view.

    • Clate Mask

      Thanks, Simon! We’re super excited about how GroSocial increases our ability to help small businesses succeed.

  • Jonathan Thompson

    I can’t wait to see the net results!

  • Brian

    Very cool…

  • Chris Lee

    Very, very cool! Super excited to hear more!

  • Josh Bailey

    AAAAAAMMMMMMAAAAzing! Congrats to both GroSocial and Infusionsoft! Great match!

  • Thomas von Ahn

    Thank you thank you thank you!!! Time to buy now!!

  • Kevin Gallagher

    so does this mean an extra cost or will it be apart of infusionsoft?

    • Clate Mask

      Thanks for asking! GroSocial is a separate product that you must purchase; However, I think you’ll find the nominal cost well worth the value GroSocial will bring to your business. Make sure you attend the webinar tomorrow to take advantage of the introductory offer:

      • Kevin Gallagher

        great I may sign up for the free trial, thanks

  • Clate Mask

    Thanks for the well-wishes and the excitement around this announcement. This is a really fun time for our business. We are thrilled to be able to integrate the ability to generate leads through social media with Infusionsoft. I look forward to hearing your experience with GroSocial when we are all together at InfusionCon. To your success!

  • iyas

    Congrats – great to have social as part of the stable. Is the webinar available for those that couldn’t make it live? I’d be intrigued to see especially what the integration looks like over and above doing this with other products.

  • robertscanlon

    Webinars all at the wrong time of day for me in Australia – is there a recording to watch and will you be making the special offer to all existing Infusionsoft customers? I hope so, I am an existing customer but don’t wish to jump through the hoops of watching a webinar at 3am when there is no recording! A message on the dashboard would be sufficient and some info to read. Thanks.

  • Craig

    Wow I just might need to talk with my partner about what I see happing over her with social media. I know our site needs help at thanks

  • craig seaton

    Thank’s for making your company the go-to site that is now bookmarked. I think you just picked up a new client

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