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National Small Business Week is Here!

by Joseph Manna

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For you and I, every week is small business week, but this week in particular is special. Since 1963, the Small Business Administration (SBA) advocates for the needs of entrepreneurs and highlights their accomplishments. In addition to the SBA holding events in five major cities across the U.S., business owners can catch all the updates on their SBA’s website.

Here are links to resources on this year’s National Small Business Week:

  • National Small Business Week Official Schedule – The Small Business Administration maintains a comprehensive schedule detailing the topic, speakers and how to watch the content. The content is often live-streamed out or hosted off-site on a Google Plus Hangout.
  • Watch the National Small Business Week Live Stream – The live video stream from the SBA has great content all week. Simply point your browser to the SBW site to watch and interact with fellow viewers.
  • Google Celebrates Small Business Week – In this video, Google captures the hard work and dedication that entrepreneurs have put into their businesses. They also link to tools and resources for businesses to improve their visibility on their search engine.
  • Inc. Suggests 10 Small Business Events to Watch – If the agenda appears lengthy to pour through, Inc. has ten recommendations for sessions to watch during the National Small Business Week.
  • The White House Commemorates 50 Years of National Small Business Week – A special message from President Obama celebrates entrepreneurship across America. In his message, he shares how valuable small businesses are to the economy and the great strides they have taken to drive innovation and create jobs.
  • Small Business Week: Should we Instead be Promoting ‘Micro’ Business Week? – Brock Blake, CEO of Lendio, wrote a poignant editorial suggesting that we should support smaller organizations instead of the SBA’s definition of small business (up to 1,500 employees and $35M in annual revenues). He concludes with great suggestions on how we can support small businesses of all sizes.
  • Check the #SBW2013 Twitter Hashtag - The latest Small Business Week buzz, blog posts and announcements are happening on Twitter. The official hashtag, #SBW2013 is all you need to get connected. There, you’ll find resources published in realtime and connect with like-minded small business owners who are discussing advice and issues that are relevant to entrepreneurs across the country.

At Infusionsoft, our purpose is to help small businesses succeed. We empower our users, who typically have fewer than 20 employees and gross over $100,000 in annual revenues by providing them an affordable and powerful all-in-one sales and marketing software. In addition, we provide a variety of helpful, educational resources including our Small Business Success Club, Lifecycle Marketing and our Big Ideas Blog. These resources are investments we’ve made to help ‘true small businesses’ pursue their dreams, grow their businesses and achieve the level of success they desire.

One of the measuring sticks of our success is the success seen by our customers. This week, we’ll be highlighting a few stories from customers just like you who have achieved their entrepreneurial goals and are benefiting from using Infusionsoft. Stay tuned!

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