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Refining our Vision

by Clate Mask

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If you’ve followed Infusionsoft for any period of time, you know we’re huge proponents of culture. Our culture is an incredible competitive advantage for us, enabling us to hire the best people who make a great impact on our customers and the company. We have been named one of the best companies to work for in Arizona for six straight years. And last year, we were named #15 on the list of Best Companies to Work for in America.

I am frequently asked what we do to create such an incredible culture. In fact, I just got off the phone with a reporter doing a story on us. Her main question: “How have you created such a great place to work?”

The answer: it’s all about our Vision.

I capitalize the word Vision because it means something specific to us here at Infusionsoft. Our Vision is comprised of our Purpose, our Core Values and our Mission. We hire to the Vision and we fire to the Vision. Our Vision is the linchpin of our company, and once we created the Vision over five years ago, the company began to excel.

Today, we are refining our Vision. Are we changing the Vision? Absolutely not! We are simplifying the Vision and re-articulating it in words that are easier for everyone to understand, whether you’re inside or outside of Infusionsoft. I want to take a minute and explain the refinement and the reasoning for it.

Until now, we’ve had a Dream, Vision, Purpose and Mission. Each of those components was a long sentence that required some explaining. But the essence of the “DVPM,” as we call it, is our Purpose (why we exist) and our Mission (what we’re up to). All of our employees memorize our DVPM. And we had to do a lot of explaining to people outside the building (“why are there four different sentences?” and “can you boil it all down for me?”).

So, this refinement is about simplifying the Purpose and Mission and getting to the very heart of why we do what we do. Our newly stated Purpose is:

“To Help Small Businesses Succeed.”

Simple as that. It’s what we’re born to do. It’s why we exist. It’s what we’ll be doing at Infusionsoft for the next 100 years or so. :-)

Our new Mission is:

“To create and dominate the market of all-in-one sales and marketing software for small businesses, with 100,000 customers worldwide.”

We’ve got close to 9,000 customers today. Over the next few years, we’ll be working hard to take our amazing software to 100,000 customers.

Our Core Values, as formerly articulated, are Entrepreneurship, Authenticity, Integrity, Passion, Compassion and No Ego, No Fear. These Core Values dictate the way we operate as we passionately pursue our Purpose and Mission. But we found that we were always saying the same phrases when we explained what we mean by these Core Values. So, we decided to re-articulate our Core Values, shifting them from one-word Values to short phrases. Our newly stated Core Values are:

We empower entrepreneurs.

We listen, we care, we serve.

We do what we say we’ll do.

We practice open, real communication.

We face challenges with optimism.

We check our egos at the door.

We innovate and constantly improve.

We do the right thing.

We believe in people and their dreams.

I am thrilled with our revised Vision. The Purpose is why we do what we do. The Mission is what we’re up to for the next few years. And the Core Values are how we do what we do.  Combined, the Purpose, Mission and Core Values make up a powerful Vision that guides our company, attracts the best talent and creates a culture that is a distinct competitive advantage.

Read more about Infusionsoft’s new look from our Chief Marketing Officer, Greg Head.

  • Chris Lee

    Love the simplification and the purpose statement!

  • Kurt Hunter

    So many companies have tired vision and mission statements that claim the company is innovative and focused on its people. However, it’s rare that customers and employees buy-in unless management actually practices the vision and mission statements it creates. It’s obvious from the recent accolades, that Infusionsoft truly practices what it preaches. Congratulations, and best of luck attaining your goal of 100,000 small business owners!

  • Atilla Vekony

     Thank you, Clate and Infusionsoft, for sticking to your company core values!

  • Clate Mask

    Thanks, Atilla, Kurt and Chris.  I love the simplification, too.  And I love the passionate Infusionites who are all working together to achieve our Mission.  We will do it.

  • Skye Logan

    Definitely love the revised Vision. And definitely like the core value statements being in phrases rather than single words. Communicates better.

  • Clate Mask

    Thanks, Skye.  That’s the idea–to communicate more effectively our Core Values… and make the whole VIsion easier to understand and repeat.

  • 石头 小
  • Chris Wise

    I like how you have translated one word value into value statements

  • Dan

    Nothing like a strong goal, good luck I’m sure you’ll crush it. I’ll have to integrate with your software soon!

  • Ron Nakamoto

    Our company is going through a similar introspective period, answering some of the same questions that Infusionsoft did.  Here’s an aside:  your shift in “Core Values” actually mirrors a process that we’ve developed somewhat by accident.  That is, we’ve developed “Principles” from “Core Values” in much the same way that Infusionsoft shifted from one-word values to phrases.  As a result, we’ve learned a lot about the differences between values and principles, so much so that this exploration has become a focus in our quest to expand our thinking and incorporate this new thinking into our services.

    • Clate

      Very cool, Ron.  I hear what you’re saying regarding “principles.”  That’s really what it is–principles of an overall philosophy.  That’s how we see it, anyway.  I look forward to hearing an update from you.

  • Doug Nicholas

    Clate and Greg, looking forward to coming down and seeing first hand the PMV in action.  We created our core values and place them on very ones business cards.  We believe also in living by these things:  Check them out at

    Doug Nicholas

  • Ron Babich

    Vision, Inspiration, Execution and the simplifiaction of core values.  Great job making this simple to understand Clate.

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