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Sneak Peek at our New Digs

by Kathy Sacks

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We’re up to something big — to help small businesses everywhere succeed. And that means big growth, big vision … and a bigger space.

I’m pleased to share that we’ll be moving into new headquarters for Infusionsoft to accommodate our fast growth.

With big growth and success, come new challenges. We’ve literally squeezed desks in every possible nook-and-cranny-square-inch of our current offices. We give ‘parking spot’ a new market value, where parking means getting an employee of the month award and accompanying one-month parking spot that can go for hundreds of dollars in live auction mode. And taking a bathroom break means waiting in line first. And a long list of other added benefits of outgrowing one’s home. But, so what? Our burgeoning team, now 350-strong, has faced these new challenges with optimism this last year, and it’s been awesome to see everyone rally together and smile in spite of it.

The excitement is brewing here at Infusionsoft as the move approaches more and more quickly. Here’s a sneak peek at the digs that we’ll be calling our new home in January.

  • Michael Witham

    When is the grand opening celebration?!

    • Joseph Manna

      We’ll have details available probably in a couple weeks. There will be a big celebration. ;-) 

  • Shawn Mahdavi

    Wow! Congrats guys.  

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