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What did we do during Social Media Month?

by Joseph Manna

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Last month, we went all-in when it came to demystifying social media for small businesses. Successful small businesses adopt social media because it amplifies sales, marketing and collaboration efforts so they can generate leads, increase sales and save time. Here is a recap of all the content on Social Media Month that we published.

Throughout February, we focused our efforts on helping you and your small business succeed with social media. I’d like to specifically acknowledge the people who helped make it a success: Social Media Specialist, Heather Dopson; Content Manager, Madison Jacobs; Brand Journalist (and blog ninja), Andrea Parker; and Brand Journalist (video extraordinaire), June Brockmeyer. Through close collaboration, we brought our talents together to deliver helpful information and advice on social media. And that’s what’s it all about — helping you succeed.

What did we cover during Social Media Month?



From So-So to Social: A Small Business Guide to Social Media
Free Download: A Small Business Guide to Social Media


A Chat with Matt: Gareth Everson Gets His Blog On

Big Idea of the Week: Pinterest & Instagram

Big Idea of the Week: Ramon Ray’s New Facebook Marketing Book

Big Idea of the Week: Twitter Advice for Entrepreneurs

We had a great time dispensing advice on social media last month! We’ll keep you informed about best practices in using social media because it was a popular topic among entrepreneurs like you. To get more updates about sales and marketing tips like the ones mentioned above, subscribe to our blog at the top and visit the Big Ideas Blog.

If you would like to suggest a future topic on social media, let us know in the comments below!

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  • Jonathan Thompson

    Hi Joseph – I like the new direction this blog is coming. Keep it up please and thank you! I am sure you are aware of the HubSpot blog, but if not, you could use their blog as a model, generate ideas, to engage your current customers and prospects. Overall, great work. I see you work all over Internet, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, and this blog. I see your ads all over the place, Facebook, GDA, etc.

  • Jatin Chhabra

    Hey Joseph, social media for small business is a good idea, but what about B2B site?. We have a b2b Hotel Management System site. Most of leads are with physical contact & though we have created social media pages but leads from their are limited. So, I believe that YES social media is good for lead generation for many firms but not for all.

  • Phillip Evans

    What about LinkedIn I work with other businesses and would welcome advice about generating leads from Linkedin

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