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It’s Social Media Month at Infusionsoft!

by Joseph Manna

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We’re celebrating Social Media Week all month with a ton of useful, interesting and actionable content on our company blog and the Big Ideas Blog. Social media is here to stay and we want to share our insights with you from a small business perspective so you can attract traffic, generate leads and close more sales.

Social Media Week happens during February 18-22, but we believe that social media deserves more than a week. Social media drives significant value for millions of businesses worldwide and is something that all entrepreneurs should use to grow their online presence and provide even more value to their prospects and customers.

Social media has helped us grow to what we are today. Sure, we have an impressive sales and marketing software, but we’ve built a loyal audience across our forums, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and even Instagram. We don’t just have a presence; we have a vibrant community. Our caring customer service is felt no matter how you contact us. In addition to our support, we recently acquired GroSocial, which is a social media marketing software company, so Social Media Month couldn’t be at a better time.

We’ll feature special guests in addition to our own experts who will generously share their perspectives for you to learn from. We have a lot of topics lined up this month. Here is a preview of what we have going on:

  • 4 remarkable video interviews about social media
  • 2 hot webinars that you won’t want to miss
  • 1 massive e-book on social media marketing
  • 12 informative blog posts that go deep into social media topics
  • 1 podcast where we discuss Social Media Month

I think you’ll agree that we’re pretty serious about social media.

It’s easy to keep up with us during Social Media Month. When you follow @Infusionsoft and @BigIdeasBlog on Twitter, you will never miss a beat. Also, go ahead and subscribe to our blog so you get our updates delivered straight to your email.

Photo Credit: SalFalko

  • Jonathan Thompson

    Please keep this kind of activity up! GroSocial is great! I am eager to see their capabilities expanded to other social media platforms, mainly, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

    • Joseph Manna

      You got it, Jonathan! We are going full throttle on a variety of topics including those social networks. You’ll love it! :-)

      • Rob_Ashton

        Great news Joseph – I’m sure I’m not alone among your B2B customers in eagerly awaiting integration with LinkedIn.

        • Joseph Manna

          Thanks, Rob. What are you looking to do with LinkedIn and Infusionsoft? There just might be a way to do it. :)

          • Rob_Ashton

            It’s early days for us with IS, so I’m not sure yet. But I’m guessing things like tracking leads from updates, comments or discussions that we post/start; and from views of our profiles.

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