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The Infusionsoft Executive Team Grows Even Stronger

by Clate Mask

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I am really excited. Hal Halladay is joining my executive team at Infusionsoft. Hal is joining us as our Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, which means he oversees strategic partnerships, business development and acquisitions. We have long needed a senior leader to help us take advantage of the many strategic opportunities that come our way.  We couldn’t have found a better fit than Hal Halladay.

Hal’s got a unique background. He was an investment banker on Wall Street, in Los Angeles and in San Francisco. After climbing the ranks in that world, helping companies go public and working on a variety of deals, he got to the point where he was about to be made managing director. He had a choice to make: did he want a long-term career in investment banking, or did he want to get into entrepreneurship?

Hal chose entrepreneurship. He jumped into the high tech world and never looked back. Hal has been at several tech start-ups, always leading people to achieve great results and be their best.  He has a nose for doing meaningful, strategic deals that are good for all parties. And he has a fire for entrepreneurship and small business growth that makes him a perfect fit for Infusionsoft.

About 45 days ago, while contemplating the possibility of bringing Hal onto the team, I was prepping for our annual off-site planning and I decided to invite Hal. I figured I’d throw him into the mix and see how it went.  That chemistry experience could have blown up in my face by derailing our important offsite planning sessions, but I was pretty sure Hal would fit in nicely. He didn’t. He fit in beautifully. In fact, after leaving my team to work through a session and a meal on their own without me, I rejoined them only to have Aaron, my VP of Sales, tell me that the team had taken a vote and they were insisting that I hire Hal.

Hal is a great leader. He’s a great team member. He’s a great strategist and relationship builder. And he’s a heck of an entrepreneur. I’m thrilled to have him on the team and I’ve already seen him make a big impact. Keep your eyes open for some cool corporate development activities coming out of Infusionsoft. And you’ll know that Hal Halladay is the guy making it all happen.

For more details, read the press release:
Infusionsoft Appoints Hal Halladay Senior Vice President of Corporate Development

  • Marc W. Chesley

    Welcome, Hal!

  • Kathy Sacks

    We’re thrilled to have you.

  • Jason Mitchell

    Hal is a great addition to an already-stacked Infusion team. Keep it up!

  • Jordan Crowder

    Hal is one of the top business minds I have ever worked with. He is a triple threat….
    Vision + Strategy + Likeability

  • Tait Eyre

    Great move Clate, I can’t imagine a better team.

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