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Discovering the ‘Why’ Behind Hiring a Dream Manager

by Anita Grantham

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The process of interviewing for a Dream Manager was one of the most enlightening journeys I have experienced. Since I had just started at Infusionsoft, I was overwhelmed with the responsibility of finding the right candidate for this key role. After all, represented our ninth value — we believe in people and their dreams — it was based on an incredible book by Matthew Kelly and the role was responsible for truly inspiring our people to achieve their dreams. As optimistic as I am, and with all my enthusiasm, I almost felt lost as to where to start the search.

The first 15 interviews ended up to be a fact finding mission, I found myself asking if I’d feel comfortable sharing my dreams with this person. Did they understand our mission at Infusionsoft and did they have a deep passion for helping people? The “helping people” part that was most deceiving at first. Many of the great candidates had “helped” people achieve their dreams in an environment different than Infusionsoft. These candidates had held key roles in East Valley non-profits, schools and other organizations assisting less fortunate individuals. Spending time with these candidates made us further define the reason dreaming for Infusionsoft employees was so important to our culture.

Everyone dreams and their dreams likes many other things in life can be generated by what is occurring in their life at that time. We came to the conclusion that we needed the compassion of the candidates mentioned above married with a focus around creativity and innovation. It is interesting, but often when life is going well, we forget to dream and tend not focus on our dreams as much. Recognizing this perspective really assisted us in how we reviewed the candidate’s background when interviewing for the Dream Manager position. The full list of gauges can been seen in this blog.

If your organization is considering hiring or dedicating time out of someone’s role to help your team dream, first off, congratulations. Secondly, set this person up for success by clearly defining what your company needs out of a Dream Program. Get the leadership team together to really hash out the reasons dreaming will benefit your business. Kaylie Astin wrote a great article on Why Employee’s Big Dreams Should be Your Company’s Top Priority. This is a great starting point, but for the Dream Program to be successful for your organization, be sure to be able to articulate to the people leading the Dreaming and the people dreaming what the intended outcomes are.

How do you think dreaming can benefit your company?

 Image courtesy of Trey Ratcliff via Compfight

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