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Chat Support Now Available For Infusionsoft Users

by Scott Martineau

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With our spring 2011 release, Infusionsoft customers are now able to quickly and easily interact with Infusionsoft Technical Support by clicking the Help menu, then “Support Chat Online.” I’m excited to tell you about this great way to better support our users.

Online chat support will be available the same hours as our live telephone support: 7AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday. It’s a great benefit to our users because they don’t have to call and wait on hold if they have a simple question.

Our friendly support representatives will be available to answer any questions users have about the software and will be able to provide links to relevant training articles and videos that you can refer back to later.

We’ve had chat in “beta” mode for a few months with select users and have received very positive feedback from it. Here is some of the feedback people have shared with us:

“Not waiting in a phone queue with a phone to my head!  I can get on with other stuff while I wait.”

“Great for quick questions that I have while I’m busy working and don’t have time to call.”

“Allows me to stay focused on my job and get the answers that I need.”

Over the past couple of years, we have maintained an online Q&A section on the Help Center. The new chat support will replace the Q&A section of the Help Center. We hope the immediate, personalized attention now accessible through chat will be a far more effective way for users to get their questions answered.

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    Our amicable support representatives will be accessible to response any inquiries users have about the programs and will be adept to supply connections to applicable teaching items and videos that you can mention back to later.

  • Mike

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    Excited to be new member of InfusionSoft, especially for the potential it shows. The one huge REQUEST we have is for InfusionSoft to provide a Plugin for professional speakers. Many MORE speakers would join if InfusionSoft could overcome the current challenges of using InfusionSoft as a speaker (while your company has a good reputation, this “issue” holds many, many speakers back from getting involved with your service). We are current customers of InfusionSoft and look forward to overcoming this challenge to be a huge success with your firm. 

    Here is what the Plugin would need to do:  allow a speaking event to be booked like a product, EXCEPT the speaking event would be assigned to a date AND would be attached to BOTH the PERSON (contact person) and the COMPANY.  The problem now is a person is only linked to a company (the speaking event is not able to be linked to both the person and the company). All the details of planning the event stay with the person. When a person leaves a company, we still need all the notes from past events purchased by that contact person to stay with the company.  

    In addition, we need the ability to show an automated online calendar where the events are listed chronologically and show the Company Name, the City/State/Country where the event is taking place.  Here is an example:   Please let me know how I (and many other speakers who are InfusionSoft member) can help in this development. I’ve been told many speakers utilize your service. If you were able to help spark an online community of such speakers, we could work together to solve this problem for everyone.  A well done solution will result in a much better reputation of InfusionSoft within our industry.  As I stated, I am excited to be a customer for all the potential InfusionSoft possesses.

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