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Customer Surveys: How to Raise Your Sales & Marketing IQ in 6 Easy Steps

by Joseph Manna

Post image for Customer Surveys: How to Raise Your Sales & Marketing IQ in 6 Easy Steps

This month’s featured e-book is all about asking the right questions in customer surveys. You know that you should survey your customers, but you might not know the right questions to ask to get the actionable data you need.

Our Director of Strategic Communications, Rebecca Sprynczynatyk, and Brand Journalist, Andrea Parker, have put together a great e-book on developing customer surveys for your small business that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Surveys can be used to gather information you can use to make better decisions across your entire company. But you can only do this if you know the right questions to ask and know how to accurately measure the data. For instance, can you spot the problem when asking this question: “How satisfied are you with the cost and speed of our delivery?” Respondents could answer that question exclusively about the price or only about the delivery time. You’ll only know if you ask the right questions.

In this free e-book on customer surveys, you’ll be provided an easy-to-understand flowchart to help you select the right questions for your needs, several examples that you can use right away, advice on how to increase response rates and best practices to help you conduct research on your customers and prospects.

Whether you’re a data junkie or you consider yourself more of an abstract thinker, you’ll like the information provided in this free e-book. Sign up and download it now!

We’d love to answer your questions that you might have about conducting surveys for your business. Let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

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