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Lifecycle Marketing: Attract Interest in Your Business with Infusionsoft

by Joseph Manna

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A common need that entrepreneurs share is the need to attract interest to their products and services. In this post, I’ll show you how to raise awareness of your business with Infusionsoft.

Every week, we’ll share useful tips on how you can implement the Lifecycle Marketing strategy in your business with an emphasis on Infusionsoft.

Attracting Interest: Why & What

The Attracting Interest stage of the Lifecycle Marketing strategy is arguably one of the most important steps to business owners. You can have the best product or service in the world, but if people are unable to discover you, it’s a bit of a challenge to generate customers.

At the top of the funnel, attracting the right kinds of interest will pay off later when you want to capture, nurture and convert them.

Attracting interest involves the efforts you typically do outside of Infusiosoft. This includes social media, content marketing, advertising, tradeshows and other word-of-mouth activities.

To complete the Attract Interest stage in Infusionsoft, you want to have valuable information to give to your audience. Put in the time to develop a useful guide, white paper, tutorial, a series of tips or even a social media promotion. These are typically called “lead magnets” … because in addition to educating leads, its purpose is to attract them long-term. (For some ideas, use our Email Series Wizard to get the creative juices flowing…)

Consider for a moment that a majority of people who interact with your lead magnets aren’t yet ready to purchase your products or services. They need to be informed about how you can help them. In essence, you have great information, but haven’t developed trust with them yet.

As you build and attract interest into your solution, you will want to capture their specific interests into Infusionsoft. Attracting interest naturally complements into Capturing Leads. With differentiation between lead magnets, you’ll benefit strongly by catering to a lead’s stated interests. More on that later.

How to Attract Interest with Infusionsoft

In several ways, Infusionsoft enables you to attract interest in your products and services.

Web Forms – Don’t underestimate the power of Web Forms. They are easy to create on short notice and act as the vehicle for attracting interest for your content, products and services. Coupled with the ability to track submissions and create as many lead magnets as you desire, you can quickly get your ideas out there in the hands of your target audience. To learn more about how to leverage Infusionsoft Web Forms, watch our helpful videos on the Infusionsoft Help Center.

Infusionsoft Web Forms

Landing Pages – Landing Pages are a newer evolution of Web Forms. Landing Pages are essentially that – they are the “landing” destination for where you would direct your online advertising, gain visibility in search engines and to clearly communicate benefits for acquiring your lead magnet. Similar to Web Forms, they can be created easily and can be tracked with as much granularity as you need. To learn more about how to use Landing Pages in Infusionsoft, read a helpful tutorial on the Infusionsoft Help Center.

Infusionsoft Landing Pages

GroSocial by Infusionsoft – Social media is hot right now, especially for small businesses. GroSocial, the newest member of the Infusionsoft product family, is a social media marketing service that closely integrates with Infusionsoft that enables you to professionally operate social media contests and maintain a consistent presence on Twitter and Facebook. If you’re already investing in advertising on Facebook, GroSocial helps you take your advertising investment further by attracting interest and leads towards your business. The service is easy so easy to use, the quickest way get started is to begin a free 30-day trial of GroSocial.

GroSocial by Infusionsoft

CustomerHub by Infusionsoft – Content is available for free, right? In fact, that’s a problem these days because it’s making quality, high-value content harder to discover. CustomerHub, another member of the Infusionsoft product family, can be leveraged to house premium articles and videos behind a private login. If you’re confident in your use of Infusionsoft and are looking for another way to attract interest in your valuable content, consider using CustomerHub to deliver premium content as a perpetual lead magnet. For help with questions about CustomerHub, be sure to read these useful articles in the Infusionsoft Help Center.

CustomerHub Infusionsoft Follow-up Sequence

Built-In Social Media Publishing – Say you have a large following on Twitter or Facebook, it’s actually simple to share your Web Forms and Landing Pages directly from within Infusionsoft. To learn how to do this, follow this easy tutorial and you’ll be all set to generate leads from your social media audience.

Infusionsoft Social Network Sharing

As you can see, Infusionsoft is a powerful platform to build and attract interest for small businesses.

Next week, we progress further along the Lifecycle Marketing strategy into Capturing Leads with Infusionsoft. And if you’ve used these features before, be sure to check them out again because we’ve recently made a series of enhancements in our 2013 Spring Release that you’ll love — including greater functionality and flexibility in the Campaign Builder!

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