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Lifecycle Marketing: Deliver & Satisfy to Wow Customers

by Joseph Manna

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One of the more powerful, but underutilized, aspects of Lifecycle Marketing is to deliver and satisfy the customers who purchase your products and services.  I’d argue that this stage is incredibly important because it correlates with customer retention and enables you to maximize lifetime customer value.

Every week, we’ll share useful tips on how you can implement the Lifecycle Marketing strategy in your business with an emphasis on Infusionsoft.

Deliver & Satisfy: Why & What

The ‘Deliver & Satisfy’ stage of Lifecycle Marketing is the stage where you fulfill on your commitments and provide additional value that delights customers. It’s where where you can set expectations and add value to your customer relationship by providing personalized follow-up. It doesn’t have to be only via email – in fact, it’s a good opportunity to use multiple channels to get your point across in a friendly and warm way.

You might be thinking, “How am I going to automate this?” This is where you need to determine the needs of your customers and balance the abilities of your team. In many cases, it’s a good idea to send a thank-you message on top of the order confirmation. The point of automation is to scale your human relationships, not to replace them. Think about what small things you can do to humanize the interaction and share your personality.

Ideas for content in this stage of Lifecycle Marketing include sending a postcard, sending an email containing a one-to-one video thanking them for the sale, sending a handy guide on your product or service, or even a quick phone call from a member of your staff to contact the customer and answer any questions they might have about their order.

And like all stages of Lifecycle Marketing, the Deliver & Satisfy stage can be completed within Infusionsoft.

How to Deliver & Satisfy in Infusionsoft

Since you probably use Infusionsoft, the great news here is that you have all this information already available within your all-in-one sales and marketing software. Think about it … you have:

  • Customer’s Name
  • Where they came from (Lead Sources)
  • Pages they accessed or links they clicked (Tags)
  • Web Forms they filled out (Web Forms and Tags)
  • Current campaigns they’re in (Campaigns)
  • Product they purchased (Order)
  • Mailing address (Order)

And you probably have even more data if you’re using Custom Fields. The point here is that you have a lot of pieces of data that you can use to personalize the follow-up in a meaningful way.

Within the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder, you can create any type of personal follow-up to fit your needs. Something to keep in mind is that you can trigger campaigns when you apply a certain tag or when a product purchase is made. Think about how you want to follow-up with every customer. You can merge various fields from the Contact Record so your messages are unique and personal.

We know that a blank canvas can be a bit intimidating for business owners. So we have a number of pre-built free marketing campaigns that you can use. Here are a couple of campaigns you can use in your Infusionsoft account that help you deliver and satisfy your customers:

NPS® SurveyYou can easily implement a customer satisfaction survey system so you can identify your detractors, passives and promoters accordingly. You can also follow-up with respondents depending on how they answered so you can provide excellent service to every customer. You can download this free campaign into your account with the use of your Infusionsoft ID.
NPS Survey Campaign in Infusionsoft

Purchase Follow-Up – Your can easily setup a post-purchase follow up campaign that communicates with the customer immediately following their order and a few days later so you can reinforce the benefits of your products and services, minimize buyer’s remorse and to solve any issues before they impact the customer relationship. You can download this free campaign into your account with the use of your Infusionsoft ID.
Sales Follow-Up Campaign in Infusionsoft

I want to reiterate the purpose of the Deliver & Satisfy stage of Lifecycle Marketing. Its purpose is to to ‘wow’ customers by delivering them personalized service. This means that you can be personal, crafty and creative. If you know your customer lifetime value (also known as LTV), you’ll know how much more you can spend to acquire and retain customers. And if you have a customer that provides you $5,000 of value, you can proudly send them a gift worth $50 without sweating the cost because you know that you will regain their monetary value over time.

You’re almost done with completing the Lifecycle Marketing strategy for your business. All the effort you’ve done up to this point ensures that you attracted visitors, captured their information, generate sales and follow-up with them so they’re happy.

The next two stages, Upsell Customers and Get Referrals, are intended so you can generate more revenue from existing customers and to grow a passionate customer base from them through partner relationships. More on these next week.

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