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Wowing Customers: It’s Our Job!

by Katie Healy

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It’s true, we love our customers. That’s why when we earn raving-fan customer feedback, we get more than a little excited. I’d like to share what recent customers have said about us and why it’s important. At our very core, our purpose has always been to liberate and empower entrepreneurs so they can enjoy doing business and have more time to spend doing the things they love. That purpose can only be realized when we provide quality service and support to our users.

Truth be told, it has been a journey for us. We are still fine-tuning our perfect customer service formula and how we communicate our appreciation and love for every user. There’s no denying that we care about all our users. From Success Coaches to our Training team, we have assembled the most compassionate, authentic and capable teams who are devoted entirely to the success of our users.

This is an email from Steve.
Thanks, Steve!

We subscribe to the thought that great customer service is no longer about telling people how great we are. It’s about producing results. And who better to tell you if our formula is indeed working, than the customers we strive to WOW every day? In the office, we forward many customer emails, Tweets, Facebook comments and survey responses around. It helps us keep a finger on the pulse of our users’ opinions on our company. Included below are some recent examples of what our users have told us. These babies keep us intentional about the way we serve. And we’re sincerely grateful to the customers who take time out of their busy schedules to share support for a company that cares about them. We thrive on the relationships we build with users — they propel us forward in our quest for 100% customer satisfaction.

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This is a Facebook Wall Post on our customer service.

This is an email from Jeffrey.

In addition to our customer service teams (Tech Support, Success Coaches, Account Managers and Training), the entire company is highly educated in the problems and pains experienced by small business owners. And I mean everyone; it’s a customer-centric culture here! Our product management team thinks three steps ahead, solving tomorrow’s problems today. Our developers pride themselves on the reliability of the software. Our Systems team loves seeing “five-nines” (99.999%) on their uptime reports and the number of delivered emails going up and up. Our finance team loves customers who love us so much, they want to lovingly pay for their contract-free service. Our sales team is also eager to please customers because they have a high level of confidence every customer they welcome to Infusionsoft will be satisfied.

Uncovering the needs of entrepreneurs and paring them with the solutions they need is our specialty. We humanize our software, and it starts from the top down. From CEO to intern — providing spectacular customer service is everyone’s job. We want our users to know that we “get it,” we understand the peaks and valleys seen by entrepreneurs and we want to be with them at every step. It’s our mission to create the leading marketing automation software for small businesses that’s easy to use and powerful enough to make them grow fast. And we mean it!

So the next time you experience great service -or even underwhelming service- let us know, we’re all listening. You can just drop us a line. Or Tweet, Facebook, YouTube, Yelp or blog about us.

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  • Tscarfi

    I was told by one of your “Sr Account Managers” on Friday that I needed to understand that you have 7,000 customers and that my issue was in a “triage process” and that Infusionsoft would get to it when they could in their process.  This is how you love your customers?  By making us feel like we are 1 in 7,000 and if they dont see our issue as part of a triage/prioritization process??!!  Ridiculous.  And I was told to be at my desk for a call back within 3 hours at 4:39 pm on a Friday.. i asked for email instead and you know what happened?  A phone call after hours…  If you do love your customer someone will contact me.  My account is Canine Companies.

  • WP Themes

    Inspiring post. Looking forward for more resources.

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