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5 Ways to Spice Up Your Lead Scoring

by Rebecca Sprynczynatyk

Post image for 5 Ways to Spice Up Your Lead Scoring

Infusionsoft’s lead scoring is hot. But as an Arizona based company, we like things really spicy so we’ve infused our lead scoring features with some incredible new options that’ll get your sales team fired up.

In our Fall 2012 Release, we’ve added a lot more features that strengthen our small business CRM capabilities for small businesses, which empowers them to do even more to warm up leads and close more sales.

1. Score leads based on behaviors.

What’s cooler than being able to score leads based on their tags? Having a way to score leads based on behaviors that indicate interest, such as submitting a form or clicking an email link. This new feature makes it easier to find interested, engaged leads in order to focus your sales efforts and close more deals.

This is a screenshot of the new Lead Scoring behavior-based filtering in the Fall 2012 Release.

2. Set lead score expiration dates.

Hot leads can cool over time, similar to how the spice from a chipotle mellows out. In this release, we’ve introduced lead scoring expiration rules that allow you to score leads based on how recently they’ve taken action. To configure, simply click the “expiration” check box next to the rule and enter the number of weeks after which a score will expire.

This is a screenshot of the new Lead Scoring expiration dates in the Fall 2012 Release.

3. Score sales opportunities.

Infusionsoft’s lead scoring rules originally only applied to contact records, but have now expanded to include sales opportunities. To view, pull up your opportunity list, click “Edit Criteria Columns,” go to the “Columns” tab and add “Lead Score” to the list of displayed information. The lead score will display along with general opportunity information.

This is a screenshot of the new Lead Scoring for Sales Opportunities in the Fall 2012 Release.

4. Get hot lead notifications on your dashboard.

The Recent Activity widget on the dashboard has been enhanced to notify you when one of your contacts hits a specific lead score. This helps you stay on top of lead activities so you can strike when the iron is hot.

This is a screenshot of the new Lead Scoring Notifications in the Fall 2012 Release.

5. See the specifics behind a lead score.

See the specific behaviors that contributed to a lead score directly from the hot lead list  or contact record under the under the newly added “Scored & Recent Activity” tab. This information can be leveraged during your sales calls to have targeted, relevant conversations that convert more deals and make you look like a hot shot.

This is a screenshot of the new Lead Score Activity in the Fall 2012 Release.

Don’t miss out! Watch a short video about the new Lead Scoring features found in the Fall 2012 Release.

All of these lead scoring enhancements are designed to help you better qualify leads and see the behaviors that drove an individual lead score—quickly and easily. Is that hot enough for ya?

  • Jonathan Thompson

    Thank you for the useful write-up. For my unique situation, our sales teams uses another CRM. The marketing team uses IFS to generate leads. Normally, we send over leads to the sales team via email. We are trying to create an automatic process to grab a lead and transfer the lead to the sales team’s CRM but we have not completed that yet. So for now, when someone becomes a lead in IFS, an email is sent to the sales team. I am referring to the submission of web forms. We used to do lead scoring manually, clicked here, downloaded that, etc. But this is awesome. So my question to you is, can I create a lead scoring process that when a contact gets up to X level, an email with that contact information is sent to the sales team?

  • Clive

    Jonathan – we use it for a different purpose but the new Fulfillment feature allows you to send out an email with an attached CSV file. You get to choose what fields are in this CSV. It can include custom fields and you can rename the fields.

    As most CRM’s allow you to import CSV’s it should be pretty simple to set this up. You could also batch them and send out a Fulfillment with all the leads from say one day (or one week) and have someone do this on a batched basis rather than each individual record.

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