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New Reporting Features in the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder

by Rebecca Sprynczynatyk

Post image for New Reporting Features in the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder

Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder is arguably one of the most innovative features Infusionsoft has released to date, but like most things, it’s a work in progress. Over the next few months, we’ll be improving and enhancing the Campaign Builder to help you get the most value possible.

We know that reporting is important, so this morning’s maintenance release includes the addition of basic campaign reporting at both the campaign and contact record level. Here’s what you can expect.

Campaign Builder Enhancements

The Campaign Builder homepage now displays a number indicating how many contacts are in each campaign. You can click the number to access a list of the specific contacts in that campaign and filter the list for segmentation purposes.

Screenshot: Infusionsoft Campaign Builder Stats

Contact Record

We’re also giving you a way to see which campaigns an individual contact is part of goals that have been accomplished and what sequence steps are next. To access the information, simply open the contact record and click on the campaign tab.

Screenshot: Infusionsoft Campaign Builder Stats in the Contact Record

More updates to the Campaign Builder will be coming in July with the Summer 2012 release. Stay tuned!

  • Jonathan Thompson

    I can’t wait to see evolution of the campaign builder. A dashboard for each campaign would be great. A dashboard for a group of campaigns would be nice. A dashboard that looks at historical data in relation to campaigns would be super!

    • RebeccaSprynczynatyk

      I’m excited about the evolution of the product as well. I’ll pass your feedback on to the design team.

  • Eric Rung –

    Perfect! Campaign builder is amazing, however with out tracking and reports, it was hard to know how we would track who gets put into those campaigns! I’m sure there will be future tweaks, but I’m very happy to see this progress! Great job InfusionSoft! – Keep it going!

    • RebeccaSprynczynatyk

      Thanks for the feedback Eric, we really appreciate it!

  • Chris Brisson


    Any idea when the HTTP posts will be available in the campaign builder?

    • RebeccaSprynczynatyk

      Hi Chris, we’re adding HTTP posts to the Campaign Builder in the Summer 2012 release, which is tentative planned to launch in July. We’ll keep you posted!

      • Ryan Chapman

        That is great news! Post to a server is uniquely Infusionsoft awesomeness. Can’t wait to get that into CB.

        • Paul Sokol

           There is an unsupported ‘hacky’ way to do it at the moment Ryan. Try and find Tyler Garn’s Jailbreak. Disclaimer: It only works for an HTTP post resulting from a link click and there is no guarantee that it will work in the future.

  • Ryan Chapman

    Awesome. Thanks for the progress. Keep it up. Campaign builder will separate Infusionsoft even more as it continues to mature.

  • Meny Hoffman

    Anyway to stop one step while a person is in a campaign? we used that feature while using follow up sequences.

    • Paul Sokol

       At the moment no. However, I’d be curious to hear the use case for when that would be needed as there might be a better way to achieve your goal.

  • Suzanne

    Can you apply actions to a campaign? I have a follow up sequence in the legacy part of the software related to a webform…I’d like to just pick the whole thing up and move it to campaign builder but when we tried, it looked like we needed to recreate the entire sequence again. Emails from legacy campaign were not avaiable, and the action of adding new contacts from the campaing to the legacy sequence was also not an option. Is there any reason you can’t make existing features available in the campaign bulider ?

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