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Get a Sneak Peak of the Winter 2013 Release

by Rebecca Sprynczynatyk

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In Arizona (where we tend to attract more snowbirds than actual snow), it can be hard to tell when winter has arrived. One sure sign, however, is the arrival of the Infusionsoft Winter 2013 Release, which will begin shipping to customers this week. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming.

Stay Warm with Hot Lead Scoring Enhancements

We kicked things off by enhancing our lead scoring capabilities with new search capabilities, scoring criteria and triggers to follow up when a contact achieves a specific lead score.

  1. Leverage new search filters to find contacts and opportunities based on lead score. Combine lead score with other filters, such as industry, to create an ultra-targeted list.
    Search for contacts in Infusionsoft with an easy to use Lead Score search.
  2. Improve how you qualify leads with new rules to add or subtract points when a contact opens an email or unsubscribes from a list.
    Email activities now influence lead scores within Infusionsoft
  3. Use the Campaign Builder to trigger follow-up when a contact hits a specific lead score.
    Trigger sales and marketing events to happen from an Infusionsoft lead score.
  4. Enjoy a beautifully redesigned “Edit Score” page.
    Manage lead scores efficiently and intelligently within Infusionsoft.

Get More Done with Productivity Capabilities

We know you’re busy, which is why we’ve added features to boost productivity and save time.

  1. Save time (and clicks) by accessing your task list directly from the Infusionsoft dashboard.
    Manage your day-to-day tasks all within the Infusionsoft Dashboard
  2. See recent campaign history and pending communications from Interactive List View.
    Access individual's marketing campaign history within Infusionsoft

Boost Online Sales with Optimized E-Commerce Designs

We’ve made subtle, but impactful design changes to order forms and the shopping cart to make it easier for you to sell online and convert visitors to buyers.

  1. Quickly create a professional online storefront with new themes.
    Infusionsoft offers attractive and professional shopping cart themes.
  2. Take advantage of subtle, but effective shopping cart design optimizations. For example, the CVC field on the checkout page now includes a visual tool tip to reduce errors and improve conversion.
    Infusionsoft helps you get more sales through an improved shopping cart.

Create Campaigns Faster with New Efficiency Tools

We strengthened the Campaign Builder with powerful features to help you streamline the campaign setup process and work more efficiently.

  1. Copy and paste elements within and across campaigns to save time.
    Copy from Existing Marketing Campaigns with Infusionsoft
  2. Use merge fields and merge links to create campaigns with dynamic content that can be quickly updated and personalized. This makes it easy to create reusable campaigns to promote recurring events.
    Apply Campaign-Specific Merge Fields in Infusionsoft

Which new feature are you most looking forward to?
Let us know in the comments section below!

  • BrockNowell

    Simply Incredible. Can’t wait to try it out!

  • Jonathan Thompson

    When is the referral partner center going to receive some TLC?

  • Rishi Shah

    excited about the new lead scoring capabilities!

  • Ray Phair

    All great stuff, could Infusionsoft put out the list of requested items where subscribers can give a priority?

  • Chris Brisson

    Where can we find how to setup the merge field and merge links in the last feature?

  • Thomas Stahl

    Is there a replay of the Winter Release Webinar available?

  • Ashwin

    Incredible Updates!!! When are you going to update the Access Control between users, that is I can only see contacts assigned to me, not everyone elses?

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