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Highlights from the Infusionsoft 2012 Winter Release

by Brian Gates

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Our 2012 Winter Release signals our company’s resolve to expand in social media, make significant e-commerce improvements and focus on the needs of small sales teams. We are proud that our 28,000 users will benefit from the enhancements made throughout our software in this release.

In the video below, you’ll watch an overview of what to expect in our 2012 Winter Release, featuring Richard Tripp, Marc Chesley, Rebecca Sprynczynatyk and Marianne Franco.

I want to give you brief overview of the benefit statements framed around this release. These benefit statements are important and give us direction in what features we build in our product so we can help our users accomplish their intended business goals.

“Help me expand my reach by providing my leads and/or customers with easy ways to share my content.”

We have developed new social media features, which allow the user to share Web Forms and emails. Both the Infusionsoft user and their contacts can share these items with their social networks. Social shares are tracked, leads can be captured from share content and automation can be ran on those who originally shared the content. Infusionsoft users can now truly take advantage of social media in Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

“I want all of my products and subscriptions in one place so that I may easily search and quickly add new/edit existing.”

We have made it a priority to refine our e-commerce solution and this release contains the first of many scheduled improvements. By combining products and subscriptions, we are able to streamline the product management process along with adding greater flexibility to the system. Users will experience a revamped products page with filtering, expanded billing options and additional shipping options.

 “I want to be able to quickly work through a list of leads with increased efficiency.”

We have seen more and more Infusionsoft users who operate with small sales teams emerge with unique needs. The above benefit was first addressed in our previous release with this release adding a critical component. Users are now able to quickly edit any field directly from interactive list view. This greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of editing contact information or moving a prospect along in the sales pipeline.

You’ll read more about the specific features we’ve built in this release later this week. We’re all very excited at the features we have developed in order for our customers to reach the benefits listed above and I look forward to hearing your feedback on how we did.

Read the full press release: Infusionsoft Unveils Social Media Features for Small Businesses

  • Jonathan Thompson

    I love this company! I’m an end-user now. But maybe someday I can crossover and work for them! <34IS

  • Jhamilton008

    Release… when?

  • Lorir

    I am not so happy with the new release. Here’s one reason why. In the People Find People
    search, the individual contacts are no longer showing the link to the assigned
    Company name. It used to show on the report as a link and in blue print. Now I
    have to go into the individual contact records to make sure the company name
    has been assigned. We assign companies to
    individual customer contact records so that we know at a glance that they are customers. Now, we have no way to know when looking at the report who is a customer and who is not. Also when new
    employees create a new contact record, we no longer know that they are new
    contacts for a specific customer/company. We have about 40,000 contacts. When I inquired about this issue, the chat room help directed me to the Infusionsoft New Product Ideas web page to submit a NEW feature request. NOT happy.

    • Brian Gates

      Lori, I apologize for the miscommunication. When making the last update we removed redundant company fields in our contact searches and by doing so it appears that the field you had listed in you saved searches was hidden. All the data was kept, it is just that the company field showing in your saved search is pulling from the legacy side rather than the new method. To fix the problem do the following: Open your saved search > select edit criteria/columns > then select columns > Then add COMPANY back to the record, save your search and you will be good to go.

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