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Top 13 Infusionsoft Product Innovations of 2012

by Rebecca Sprynczynatyk

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In a word, 2012 can be summed up as the year of innovation for Infusionsoft. In addition to rolling out powerful new features, we simplified the product, redesigned the interface and made it easier for our small business customers to attract and capture leads, convert sales and save time. Here’s a look back at thirteen of the biggest innovations from this year.

Which was your favorite?

1. Visual Campaign Builder

Campaign Builder by InfusionsoftThe biggest surprise of the Spring 2012 Release was the addition of Infusionsoft’s visual, drag and drop Campaign Builder, which revolutionizes the way small businesses create and manage their marketing and sales campaigns.

The Campaign Builder makes it easy to map out your marketing and sales process from start to finish with an intuitive, visual interface. You can trigger follow-up communications and actions based on how contacts respond in order to deliver the right message at the right time. Behind the scenes, Infusionsoft will connect everything together to create a comprehensive campaign that converts leads into buyers. 

2. Beautiful New Interface

New Navigation Bar by InfusionsoftInfusionsoft got a much-needed facelift this spring that resulted in a fresh, friendly new look. The green color palette reflected the changes to the Infusionsoft brand while the open look eliminated many of the visual distractions in the application, making it easier to find and consume information.

3. Hot Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring by InfusionsoftThe introduction of Infusionsoft’s lead scoring was a big hit with sales teams, who gained the ability to score leads based on behaviors (such as submitting a form or clicking an email link) and visually identify their hottest, most qualified leads.

Throughout the year, Infusionsoft’s lead scoring was enhanced to include expiration dates, hot lead notifications on the dashboard and a “Scored & Recent Activity” tab on the contact record and Interactive List View. All of this makes it easy to find qualified and close more deals, fast.

4. Drag & Drop Landing Pages

Landing Page Builder by InfusionsoftWhen landing pages were unveiled at InfusionCon 2012, an audible gasp was heard from the crowd. Why? Because customers could easily design and publish beautiful, targeted landing pages to attract and capture leads. Users can choose to publish the landing page instantly by using Infusionsoft’s hosting option, share the page with their social network or post the page on their website.

5. Beautiful New E-Commerce Themes

Shopping Cart Themes by InfusionsoftCompanies that sell online were thrilled with the addition of attractive e-commerce templates to the product in the Spring 2012 release, which can be easily customized to match a website or brand. These templates make it easy for customers to create a professional storefront that establishes trust and boosts sales.

6. Navigation Overhaul

New Infusionsoft NavigationIn the Spring 2012 Release, we introduced a new way to navigate Infusionsoft making it easier to find what you need. The main menu, accessible by hovering over the Infusionsoft logo in the top left, is grouped into three functional areas: CRM, Marketing and E-Commerce. We also introduced a “My Nav” option that can be customized to only show links of the your choosing, making it even easier to stay focused on the things that matter most to you.

7. Precise Delivery Timers

Campaign Builder Timers by InfusionsoftTiming is everything. That’s why customers were so excited about the introduction of three new timers in the Campaign Builder that provide precise control over when messages are delivered. The Delay Timer can trigger messages after a specific time has passed, the Date Timer triggers messages and actions at a specific date and time and the Field Timer triggers messages relative to a date on a contact record, such as a birthday, anniversary or custom field date. 

8. Visual Campaign Reporting

Campaign Builder Stats by InfusionsoftInfusionsoft’s marketing reports got a big boost in 2012 with the introduction of end-to-end visual campaign reports, which allows customers to see a big picture view of performance and then drill into the details. The reports, accessible within the Campaign Builder, provide insight that makes it possible to see what’s working—and what isn’t.

9. Friendly New Order Forms

Order Form Themes by InfusionsoftAn Order Form is a hosted landing page that can process orders and payments, often for event registration or a membership program enrollment. In 2012, we made it easier to design attractive order forms and enhance them with personalized offers to get visitors to buy so you can enjoy hassle-free online sales.

10. Social Media Lead Generation & Publishing

Social Media Sharing and Publishing by InfusionsoftThe big news in the Winter 2012 Release was the introduction of social media publishing tools. The social broadcasting option makes it possible to share content directly from your Infusionsoft application to Facebook and Twitter with a single click, while the social sharing buttons make it easy for contacts to share your content with their friends. Everything is measurable with social reports that measure opt-ins, shares and views.

11. Web Analytics

Web Analytics by InfusionsoftInfusionsoft extended its reporting capabilities to give insight into which lead generation strategies are generating the best results. The Web Analytics report shows the number of page views, visitors, contacts, customers and average time on page. This intelligence can be used to optimize pages to increase conversion and create a personalized marketing experience for contacts.

12. Visitor Tracking

Visitor Tracking by InfusionsoftInfusionsoft’s visitor tracking gives customers a way to see the behaviors of people who visit their website, including the their demographics and page visit history. Once a visitor becomes a contact, their record will include a web profile, which allows users to have highly targeted conversations, deeper insights, and focused actions. 

13. Infusionsoft for Outlook

Infusionsoft for OutlookNot all enhancements were made to the core product; we also focused on improving popular add-on products including Infusionsoft for Outlook®, which allows users to access Infusionsoft directly from their Outlook email client. We updated the add-on with a modern, new interface and squashed the bugs.

  • Lana Waller

    New customer and still learning how it all works. So far everything is exactly what I need and more. Can’t wait to have all the campaigns all set-up and running.

    • Joseph Manna

      Awesome, Lana! Glad to hear you’re rocking and rolling with your campaigns! Just wait until what this next year has in store for you. ;-)

  • steve foran

    Would love to see Infusionsoft for Mac as a possible 14.

    • Joseph Manna

      We’re thinking bigger. You’ll like what’s coming out in the future from us. Thank you for the feedback, Steve. :-)

  • joe

    would love to see “forward email” button in the email marketing system where people can forward the email to others. Would also like to be able to turn off the ‘reports” section in the referral partner center since we manually calculate commissions,

    • Joseph Manna

      Hey Joe,

      Great suggestions. We’ve thought a lot about adding a “Forward to a Friend” type of feature, but it isn’t as effective as you might think and it opens us up to greater risks through inadvertent email abuse. All email clients today have a forwarding feature built in, so if you want to encourage people to forward email, you can suggest they do it.

      That’s a good idea about the referral partner section. We’ll let our product management team know so they can consider it in the future.

      Thank you for your sharing these ideas! :-)

  • David

    Would love to see support for UTF-8 fonts, so we can use foreign languages as well. Would also like to have the possibility to filter on the flame rating – so I can create a report of only my hottest leads!

    • RebeccaSprynczynatyk

      Hi David,

      I have good new for you! In the Winter 2013 release, we’re introducing search filters to find leads based on their number of flames. It will start rolling out to customers this week. :)

  • Edward

    This post is like a year in review. Started with infusionSoft nearly 12 months ago now and haven’t looked back… it has been THAT awesome. Every time I tell/show people what you can do with InfusionSoft I see their eyes go like saucers with amazement and a hint of excitement (just between you and me, some even start salivating… :-P )

    I know it’s not necessarily a 2012 improvement but I have loved the training and help areas… the User Guide, Video Library, MasterMind Webinars, Virtual academy… Wow.

    One suggestion for future: would be so super awesome to reduce wait times for online support chat and have a noise when we are connected with a rep to avoid session time out.

    Cannot WAIT for what 2013 is going to bring…!

    • RebeccaSprynczynatyk

      Hi Edward, I’m so pleased to hear about your success with Infusionsoft this year. Buckle your seatbelt because 2013 is going to be even better!

  • Jason

    Do you have or plan to have a “Brick and Motor” Point of Sale integration in the future? I have a store that needs a better POS, and we plan on integrating Infusionsoft this year for our online lead generation, but I would love a tie in with customers purchasing at our counter. Thanks

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