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Introducing Infusionsoft Sync for Gmail

by Lindsay Bayuk

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Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Infusionsoft Sync for Gmail®.

Infusionsoft Sync for Gmail helps you boost productivity and save time by seamlessly integrating your Gmail email account with your Infusionsoft account. By extending the CRM and contact management functions of Infusionsoft to your email, you can keep all your sales efforts in sync. You can centralize communications and trigger follow-up actions automatically. The best part? It’s free.

The launch of this feature was made possible by our acquisition of the Gmail integration created by our Marketplace partner, Benji Rabhan and the team at AutomationCore. As one of the top listings in the Marketplace and one of the most requested features, we’re excited about how this acquisition will help you save time and grow sales.

Press Release: Infusionsoft Now Integrates with Gmail, One of the Most Popular Email Systems for Small Businesses

“This is going to make the lives of Infusionsoft users who rely on Gmail to conduct business a whole lot easier,” says Richard Tripp, Chief Product Officer for Infusionsoft. “Infusionsoft customers have frequently requested access to contact information, calendar syncing and the ability to trigger sales automation from inside Gmail. Now, without leaving their Gmail inbox, customers can centralize contacts and communications, view Infusionsoft appointments and trigger sales automation.”

View Infusionsoft contact details from Gmail.

View Infusionsoft contact details from Gmail.

“Our Gmail integration has been one of the most popular listings in the Infusionsoft Marketplace for a while now,” said Rabhan. “As a company that employs Infusionsoft Certified Consultants, I’m glad to know Infusionsoft pays close attention to the Marketplace and listens to what its customers want. I take great pride in knowing that this highly desired feature has been acquired and is now part of the Infusionsoft family of products.”

Infusionsoft Sync for Gmail helps you:

  • View and create Infusionsoft contact records from Gmail. Access contact information from Infusionsoft and new create contact records directly from Gmail. This simplifies workflow, saves time and boosts productivity.
  • View a complete contact profile within Gmail. Sales people no longer have to toggle between Infusionsoft and Gmail to get a full picture of past interactions with a contact.
  • Synchronize Gmail emails and appointments with Infusionsoft. With the email and appointment sync features, you can save time and ensure all sales activities and communications are recorded in Infusionsoft.
  • Add notes and tasks. Keeping track of sales interactions is now centralized and more efficient. Save time and improve follow-up by creating tasks and adding notes directly from Gmail.
  • Upload file attachments to Infusionsoft from Gmail. Save time by not having to search through email to find signed contracts or other customer paperwork.
  • View, start and stop follow-up sequences from Gmail. This ensures that you capture every opportunity. For example, a sales rep who just got off the phone with a prospect can immediately add that contact to a “pricing follow-up” automated sequence. Taking immediate action makes lead generation and nurturing efforts more effective, which drives more sales.
  • Segment contacts for targeted follow-up. Sales people can tag contact records for segmentation purposes to ensure their contacts receive relevant, targeted messages.

To get start using this this free add-on, visit the Infusionsoft Marketplace to install Infusionsoft Sync for Gmail. You’ll need an Infusionsoft ID to sign in.

For help and support with Infusionsoft Sync for Gmail, read these helpful articles on the Infusionsoft Help Center.

Do you use Gmail for your business? How will Infusionsoft Sync for Gmail save you time? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.

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