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  • Jeremy Shapiro

    This is awesome! We can’t wait. Would like to hear how this will impact the user authentication methods with the API. (See: )

    Will the API be updated to handle this? If a unique InfusionsoftID and password has access to an app, will the method continue to work as expected? Thanks!

    • Lindsay Bayuk

      Hey Jeremy – We have addressed this issue and the API will be updated.

  • Michael Fairchild


    We have addressed this issue and the API will be updated.

  • Jarrod Morris

    Guys, as an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant with login credentials to well over 100 applications, I can’t tell you how awesome this is. I thank you. My team thanks you. Heck, even my overcrowded 1Password thanks you!

    • Lindsay Bayuk

      Haha! That’s great. We’re glad you’re happy Jarrod.

  • The Sales Whisperer®

    Good stuff here! I’m with Jarrod. It has been tough keeping track of everything. This will be great.

    • Lindsay Bayuk

      Thanks so much.

  • Jonathan Thompson

    Thank you for updating in advance. I read this article and clicked through to the page with specific details. I was able to notify all of the departments of the change in advance. Essentially, nice job, this helped me be more effective and be in control of IFS here where I work.

    • Lindsay Bayuk

      Thanks Jonathan. Our goal is to have everyone very prepared for the change. I appreciate your note.

  • Missy Wilreker

    I’m wondering about multiple Infusionsoft ID’s being hooked to the same Customerhub Account. Is that even possible? My Customerhub account is the admin account, but I don’t want to give my other team members my InfusionsoftID. Can more than one of us setup our ID with that same hub account? Thanks!

    • Joseph Manna

      Good question, Missy. Currently, you can only connect one Infusionsoft ID to CustomerHub. However, after connecting, the old admin login still works and you can use both logins to access your CustomerHub account.

      This means that you don’t need to share your Infusionsoft ID (a practice we don’t recommend in general), but you can share the admin login to your CustomerHub account with another member of your team.

      Thanks! :-)

      • Missy Wilreker

        Thanks! That’s a much clearer answer than InfusionSoft gave me :)

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