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Introducing our Drag & Drop Campaign Builder

by Ryan Peterson

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The new Infusionsoft Campaign Builder has been a multi-year undertaking full of fun, learning, and if we are being completely transparent, some long nights and crazy hard work. I want to talk to you about how we arrived at the present-day visual Campaign Builder, lessons learned and how you can be involved to make it even better.

From There to Here: Two Major Insights

We went through multiple iterations of our Campaign Builder and learned a lot from hundreds of users on what was good and what was not so good. We observed how you work in the software and more importantly, how you think about marketing as it relates to your business. We also had many thoughtful discussions with our Success Coaches whose sole responsibility is to ensure our customers are successful with their Infusionsoft implementation. We had two major insights.

1. Campaigns are easiest to understand when they are visualized.
As we observed users building their marketing campaigns, one of the most interesting insights wasn’t even from the software. When talking about their campaigns, users would often show us their campaign maps. Usually mapped on a whiteboard, in a mind-map or if you worked with a Success Coach, captured in a Marketing Automation Plan (MAP). It became clear that many of you think visually and that the context provided by these visual maps was invaluable.

2. People don’t naturally “speak” marketing automation.
Once we saw how people were mapping their campaigns, we got really clear on the path from the model that had been created to implementation in the software. We learned that there is a “Translation” into Infusionsoft. My favorite quote from a customer was, “I know my business and what I want to do. I just don’t speak Infusionsoft.” You could reasonably expand this beyond Infusionsoft to “I don’t speak marketing automation.”

Watch on Vimeo or YouTube.

Where We Are Today: Version One

These two insights led us down a road that created the new Campaign Builder. Here are some of the key features that we built to solve for our users’ business needs.

The Campaign Builder centralizes everything about a campaign into one place. This means no more clicking around to different areas of the software to find all the pieces of your campaign. Everything is just a double-click away.

The Campaign Builder uses the same simple drag-and-drop interface as many of our other tools. Making it easy to layout a campaign just like you would on a piece of paper or a whiteboard. This visual view lets you quickly build campaigns that anyone can understand and work with.

The Campaign Builder uses goals as the framing for a campaign turning the conversation away from the technical and focusing it on the more important question of  “What are you trying to get the person to do?”. This helps you keep your eye on what really counts by allowing you to talk naturally about what you want your customers to do instead of getting mired down in how it all works.

Segmenting your leads based on data they provide is an important practice in marketing. With Campaign Builder, we made segmenting based on form submission data easy by allowing you to drag out two sequences and then by clicking on the decision icon select which options send the person down each path.

Flexible Scheduling
You can now schedule marketing pieces with much greater granularity, including the time of day that you want a piece to go out. You can also include days of the week you want to allow something to go out and the time-frame. Want to only send out automated emails from sales reps between 8 AM and 5PM on a weekday after a 15 minutes delay? You can do that.

These are just a few of the features found in the Campaign Builder. There are many more hidden gems that you’ll discover as you use it.

How to Get Involved

We didn’t build Campaign Builder alone — we partnered with customers like you who were willing to take time and help us get clear on the top-level benefits they were seeking. This is different from your standard feature request because it requires you to detach from the software and talk about what it is you’re really trying to accomplish.

We are always looking for users that are ready to become “advisers” to Infusionsoft and help us get clear on the top-level benefits you are trying to obtain. We are very open to hearing what benefits are most important to you and even have you walk us through how you are getting that benefit today. If you’re interested in helping, let me know in the comments.

What do you think of the new Campaign Builder? Tell me what you think in the comments below.

  • Margaret

    Hooley Dooley this thing rocks – I just watched Jordan’s training last night and have already been able to create one campaign and I LOVED IT!!  Shame we can’t roll in all the campaigns set up to date – but hey being able to see what I’m doing without going to 10 different screens AND I CAN PRINT IT OFF and clearly see what I’ve set up … well I’m pretty darn happy – thanks for this its amazing!

    • RebeccaSprynczynatyk

      Thanks for the feedback Margaret. I’m glad you like the Campaign Builder!

  • Site Traffic Control

    Being able to visualize these things makes a huge difference. Very NICE!

  • Fat Burners

    Being Goal Oriented and working in a convenient schedule better defines the success far more behind than the targeted time. 

  • Tanya

    Do I actually have to recreate my existing campaigns and follow up sequences in the new campaign builder before all the legacy campaigns are deleted?

  • Jorge Zamora

    Hi everybody, this is great. However, I’m new in it and I wonder if you can give me a link to watch Jordan’s trainee for campaign building, I still need to solve some doubts. Thanks, please send me the link, I couldn’t attend the webinar

  • Jorge Zamora

    Hi everybody, this is great. However, I’m new in it and I wonder if you can give me a link to watch Jordan’s trainee for campaign building, I still need to solve some doubts. Thanks, please send me the link, I couldn’t attend the webinar

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