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Our Winter 2013 Release Helps You Succeed

by Joseph Manna

Post image for Our Winter 2013 Release Helps You Succeed

I’m happy to report that we’ve successfully deployed our latest software release. This is the last incremental release before our highly-anticipated update at InfusionCon. Our team has been quite busy coding, testing, squashing bugs and focusing on building a fantastic user experience.

The Winter 2013 Release helps you save time, generate leads and increase sales. So, what did we improve?

We improved life for those who function in a sales team by providing them with even more relevant information about their leads. We’ve enhanced our e-commerce features by adding new shopping cart themes to help you achieve higher conversions. Finally, we’ve added some much-desired functionality to reuse marketing elements across the Campaign Builder saving you time.

You’ll find that we’re laser-focused on making our sales and marketing software easy, powerful and intuitive. We’ve thoughtfully applied these powerful enhancements without making it complex. You’re going to hear this point a lot from us because it’s a promise we intend to deliver on for all users.

You can read more about what’s different on our Help Center. Below, you can watch the replay of our product update webinar with Jordan Hatch. He breaks down all the details you need to know so you can use all these features to their fullest.

Is there a favorite feature that you like about this release? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Jonathan Thompson

    I am watching the 85 minute video right now.

    • Joseph Manna

      It’s worth it. Jordan loves to give context and insight on his webinars. Feel free to skip around as you want, too. :-)

      • Jonathan Thompson

        The lead scoring feature is awesome. Identify marketing and sales leads. The campaign builder merge field is a great time saver! And increases accuracy. I can’t wait to build the next campaign and take advantage of these new updates. Thank you!

  • Karin Carroll

    Being able to copy campaign segments inside a campaign!

    • Jonathan Thompson

      I too appreciate the workflow efficiency improvements to the campaign builder on the 1.28 release.

  • David Grant

    Great looking product! I personally like the enhanced task builder, and the merge fields for the notification e-mail to the contact owner. You have me wondering now about the top down management of ‘notified hot leads’ to our salesforce.


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